When I was struggling for success in trading, I get this advice very often – Even the Most honest and God natured Dharma or Pandavas can’t win in Game of Dice or Gambling, so why you still try to win in Trading as it’s that not possible…

Well I know they are wrong but don’t have any logical reason to counter them.

Then I understood the ultimate truth, winning needs strategy ( Proper Defined Trading Method). Kauaravas may be bad but they had one of the best strategist- Sakuni on their side. Pandavas on the other side had the world s best strategist – Lord Krishna with them but they don’t want to use him as they thought it’s unfair to play Dice but can’t be refused due to Royal rules ( There is a separate story as Dharma was praying Krishna should not come on the way where they are going to play Dice). Well if Krishna was with them in the Game of Dice, there is no way, Pandavas would have lost it.

Therefore my point is Pandavas did not lose because of Trading but they played without Krishna or their strategy and thereby lost all which started small. Same is applicable for Traders.

Trading is no Crime but Trading without Strategy is a Sin.

Worth to Apply to Move Ahead.

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