You can’t avoid feelings, emotions and sometimes emotions are beneficial to your trading practice, others aren’t.

Fear is widely misunderstood and misused, some people argue you must trade without fear, that is totally reckless;

Tell an antelope that the lion is a big confused cat, — there is no need to feel fear,

Tell soldiers they should not feel fear about bullets flying around,

Fear is a useful signal

Now, how we choose to respond, it has the direct impact on our profit and loss.

Since trading is a business, we should treat it as a serious business venture, not as a hobby. Therefore, we must separate it from our personal lives.

The world of trading has very little room for emotions, there is only room for calculated well-planned decisions.

Eliminating the emotional part is the key to success, without emotions prices would sit flat, since people are the main catalyst for markets to move. in short, trading is just war you are fighting.
Some very smart experienced and very well opponents.

If you consistently follow your rules without breaking them you could eliminate emotions from trading.

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