When you are not mentally fit, It’s hard to find a good trade in market, sometimes the best action is
“Best Trade – No Trade”

Doing nothing requires the patience of a Saint, when your account goes red, which leads to acute and chronic stress. perhaps you are overly involved with the second by second moves of the market and your positions rather focusing on the picture.

Before reacting to events in the market, just step back a Lil away from the trading screen, or phone and take a deep breath, engage in a relaxing activity for a few minutes because the market is volatile, it influence your decision making.

Just relax, Be patient, Patience is one of the key ingredients to create large profit.

It can be very difficult to sit idle when you are surrounded by all the action of the market, yet sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing at all.

I make more money when I wait for the best opportunity.
Wait for the best entries and wait for the best exits.

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